Noel Bartlow

Noel Bartlow
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Assistant Professor
Research Focus: 

My research focuses on the physics of earthquake processes in subduction zones, with the goal of improving earthquake forecasts.  I mainly use geodetic data, such as GPS, strain, and tilt data combined with computational methods to study fault motions on timescales of days to years.  My research also incorporates laboratory data to interpret the physical properties of subduction plate interfaces at depth.  I am particularly interested in slow slip events, also termed slow earthquakes.  In subduction zones slow slip events occur more frequently than very large earthquakes and give us a window into the deep fault zone.  Studying and monitoring slow slip may lead to the discovery of large earthquake precursors in the future.

Courses Taught: 

When teaching I strive to make material interesting and relevant to students by explicitly making connections to real world examples.  It’s important that students see the connections between courses they take, so I also try to point out how material relates to other concepts students have seen or will see.

  • Physical Geology 1150
  • Structural Geology 3650