Hector Lamadrid

Hector Lamadrid
Assistant Professor

My research interests span a wide range of geological and geochemical problems that focus on the role of fluids in crustal processes, how fluids interact with the surrounding rocks, and how these interactions evolve through time and space. In particular, Iam interested in process driven studies that relate together fluid-rock interactions, the associated alteration assemblages, the fluids and melts trapped during these processes, and the equilibrium and disequilibrium reactions (and their kinetic and thermodynamic mechanisms) to reconstruct the sequences of events and understand the evolution of the Earth’s system. In my research I integrate information obtained fromfield observations,analytical techniques(fluid inclusions, Raman spectroscopy, SEM-EMPA, TOF SIMS), high pressure and temperature experiments(cold seal pressure vessels, piston cylinder)and computational modeling to investigate the role fluids, and their interactions with the host rocks.

My main research line focuses on understanding the dissolution and precipitation mechanisms (hydration, dehydration, carbonation, etc.) that occur during serpentinizationof the oceanic lithosphere near mid-ocean ridges (MOR)and later on during subduction, aswell as the geochemical evolution of the associated fluids. Additionally, I am interested in a myriad of petrological problemsincludingvolcanic systems, deep metamorphism, hydrothermal systems and ore deposits, as well the diagenesis of carbonate rocks.


B.S. Instituto Tecnológico de Cd. Madero, México
M.S. Centro de Geociencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Ph.D. Virginia Tech, VA.

Research Focus
Geochemistry, Petrology, Economic Geology

Mineralogy (GEOL 3250)
Planet Earth (GEOL 1050)
Fluid Inclusions (GEOL 8250)