Welcome to MU Geological Sciences

Welcome to the web site of MU Geological Sciences. I hope you will explore these pages to learn more about the exciting research and teaching that we do, in subjects such as past life and climate, volcanoes and earthquakes, and mineral and water resources. Our department is large enough to be comprehensive but small enough to be friendly, with about 50 majors, 30 grad students and 12 faculty. Our faculty, students and visiting scientists come from countries around the world, and we welcome everyone with a passion for using science, critical thinking and evidence-based discussion to better understand how our planet works. 

In research, we strive to understand past changes in order to better prepare for future events, from earthquakes to mass extinctions. Our research emphasizes the applications of biology, chemistry and physics to geological problems. We have a wide range of laboratory facilities in our building, and a global network of collaborators. In teaching, we emphasize field-based learning, from study abroad classes in Chile, China and Spain, to our award-winning 6-week field camp based at our permanent field station near lander, Wyoming.  

Students are the lifeblood of our department, with many undergraduates participating in faculty research projects and presenting at national conferences, alongside graduate students. Our graduates have an excellent record of successful careers in industry, academia, and state and federal government. Our alumni have endowed the department with generous scholarships funds that we use to help our current students. We encourage prospective students who may be interested in joining our department to contact faculty members whose work interests you. And of course, please contact me with any questions you may have about the Department of Geological Sciences.

Alan Whittington – E.B. Branson Professor and Department Chair

Contact information:

Dr. Alan Whittington
Chair, Geological Sciences
(573) 884-7625