Mizzou Geology 2022 Fall Newsletter

Dear Friends of Mizzou Geology,

I hope this news finds you and your family well. I’m happy to inform you that we will resume the Mizzou Geology newsletter, after a three year interruption by the COVID pandemic and budget cuts that reduced our staff support. We are happy to have Marsha back in the front office; she is our lone staff member, and she also helps other departments from time to time. After talking with the Geology Development Board, we have decided to send out E newsletters twice a year, after the spring and fall board meetings, to share with you the updates we shared with the board. This newsletter is our first try. Please let us know what you want to see in the E newsletter so we can improve.

You can also find more updates about Mizzou Geology via our social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@MizzouGeology).

Best wishes for you and your family,
Mian Liu
Dept. Chair and E.B. Branson Professor