Geology Alumni Endowment Fundraising Campaign

Dear Alumni and Friends of the Department of Geological Sciences,

Faculty and Students form the foundation of an academic department. The Geology Alumni Endowment Fund was specifically created in 2018 to support and strengthen the faculty part of these two pillars, to enable the Department of Geological Sciences to attract & retain the finest faculty, and especially to ensure the success of professors newly recruited to the Department. Both the Department and the Geology Development Board see the Geology Alumni Endowment Fund offering an effective way to ensure long-term success for Mizzou’s Department of Geological Sciences, to ensure it has the capability to provide cutting edge education for students, and for its faculty to perform first class research in many areas of the earth science discipline.

When the fund reaches its key goal of $1 million it will be renamed the Geology Alumni Endowed Professorship.  At this level it will be a key tool for recruiting and retaining newly hired professors as they begin their careers at Mizzou.

Since the endowment’s inception, the balance has grown to $629,878 thanks to the generous donations from Alumni and friends plus investment growth through university management.  This leaves $370,122 needed to reach our $1 million goal. 

To kickstart this campaign, the Geology Development Board has pledged an initial donation of $75,000.  We challenge you, our Alumni and Friends, to help us reach the $1 million goal by raising the remaining $295,122.

We ask that you consider joining us in support of the department by donating to the Geology Alumni Endowment Fund today.  Any amount you may be able to contribute will move it closer to the $1 million threshold, where it will be a powerful tool for the Department, and indeed the University.

Most sincerely,

Department of Geological Sciences and the Geology Development Board