2020 In Review

Dear Mizzou Geology students, staff, faculty, and friends,

I hope you and your family are healthy and doing well. Here, I’m happy to report that the department has been weathering the 2020 storms well. In spite of all the challenges this year (reduced faculty and staff, budget cuts, and the pandemic), our majors have increased; the enrollments of our intro classes are hitting the roof; and our faculty and graduate students have been productive in their research—many of them presented their results at annual meetings, virtually of course.

It has been a trying and uncertain time. Universities across the nation are facing severe fiscal challenges; Mizzou is no exception. Our faculty are working hard to maintain high quality of education and research in this department while finding ways to generate more revenue by revamping our service classes. We know that more challenges lie ahead of us. Fortunately, we have you on our side. Your continued support has enabled us to thrive in difficult times; I remain optimistic that we will continue to succeed for the years to come.

 Mian Liu

Chair & E.B. Branson Professor, Geological Sciences

Dear Mizzou Geology students, staff, faculty, and friends,