Cheryl Kelley

Cheryl Kelley
Emeritus Professor

My research interests lie in the area of aquatic biogeochemistry and are directed toward determining the rates of processes involved in carbon cycling. Carbon is the basic building block of life, and I am interested in how organic matter is produced, degraded, transported and utilized. One of my main tools for studying carbon cycling is stable isotopic analysis.

Research Focus

biogeochemistry with an emphasis on carbon cycling in aquatic systems


Geol 1200: Environmental Geology

Geol 1250: The World’s Oceans

Geol 1400: Themes in Geology (Global Climate Change)

Geol 2220H: Headline Topics in the Geological Sciences

Geol 2300: Earth Systems and Global Change

Geol 2450: Global Water Cycle

Geol 4300/7300: Introduction to Low-Temperature Geochemistry

Geol 4500/7500: Organic Geochemistry

Selected Publications

Kelley, C. A., J. P. Chanton, and B. M. Bebout. 2015. Rates and pathways of methanogenesis in hypersaline environments as determined by 13C-labeling. Biogeochemistry, 126, 329-341.

Spurgeon, J. J., C. P. Paukert, B. D. Healy, C. A. Kelley and D. P. Whiting. 2015. Can translocated native fishes retain their trophic niche when confronted with a resident invasive? Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 24, 456-466.

Kelley, C. A., B. E. Nicholson, C. S. Beaudoin, A. M. Detweiler, and B. M. Bebout. 2014. Trimethylamine and organic matter additions reverse substrate limitation effects on the d13C values of methane produced in hypersaline microbial mats. Appl. Environ. Microbiol 80, 7316-7323. 

Detweiler, A., B. Bebout, A. Frisbee, C. Kelley, J. Chanton and L. Bebout. 2014. Characterization of methane flux from photosynthetic oxidation ponds in a wastewater treatment plant. Water Science and Technology, 70, 980-989.

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Tazaz, A. M., B. M. Bebout, C. A. Kelley, J. Poole, and J. P. Chanton. 2013. Redefining the isotopic boundaries of biogenic methane:  Methane from endoevaporites. ICARUS, 224(2), 268-275.

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