James (Jim) Schiffbauer

James (Jim) Schiffbauer
Associate Professor, X-ray Microanalysis Core Facility Director
305 Geology Building
Research Focus
Taphonomy, paleobiology, and geochemistry

I am broadly interested in our earliest animal ancestors that evolved during the Ediacaran–Cambrian transition, both from taphonomic and ecological/evolutionary perspectives. My taphonomic work utilizes geobiological and geochemical data to disentangle the milieu of factors influencing pathways of soft-tissue fossil preservation during this evolutionarily important interval.


[undergraduate] Environmental Geology, Introduction to Geochemistry, Historical Geology, and The Dawn of Animals (Themes).

[graduate] Patterns and Processes in the Fossil Record, Precambrian History, Electron Microscopy for Geosciences, and Evolution Bootcamp.