Eric Sandvol

Eric Sandvol
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Research Focus: 

My research is primarily exploring the earth using seismic waves. During my career I have focused largely on mountain belts and investigating how they form by creating detailed images of the subsurface seismic structure.

Research: My research is focused on solid earth geophysics with a particular emphasis on regional-scale seismology.  I am interested in the structure of the shallow and deep earth and in the physical processes that drive plate tectonics.  In order to understand the different stages and driving forces of continent-continent collision, I have studied the collision of continental plates in eastern Turkey (early stage) and Tibet (later stage).

Courses Taught: 

Physical Geology for Scientists and Engineers - Geol 1150

Introduction to Geophysics - Geol 4800/7800

Earthquake  Seismology- Geol 8150

Faults and Earthquakes - Geol 2120 

Introduction to Seismology - Geol 8100 

Earthquake  Seismology- Geol 8150

Applied Numerical Analysis- Geol 8800