Martin Appold

Martin Appold
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
304 Geological Sciences Building

I am interested in the behavior of fluids in the Earth’s crust, especially water, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons.  My research is currently focused in three areas:  origin of hydrothermal carbonate-hosted base metal deposits, the porosity wave mechanism for anomalously rapid transport of fluids through low permeability geologic media, carbon dioxide sequestration in hydrocarbon reservoirs and saline aquifers.  My research combines:

  • numerical modeling to simulate fluid flow, heat and solute transport, and chemical reaction
  • analyses of fluid inclusions and minerals to determine fluid compositions and temperatures
  • laboratory experiments to quantify the exchange of base metals between water and carbonate minerals
Research Focus
Hydrogeology; Geochemistry; Economic Geology

Physical and chemical behavior of subsurface fluids; applications to hydrothermal mineral deposits, hydrocarbon migration, CO2 sequestration, regional groundwater flow


Principles of Geology (GEOL 1100)

Themes in Geology (GEOL 1400)

Mineral and Energy Resources of the Earth (GEOL 2600)

Groundwater Hydrology (GEOL 4100/7100)

Groundwater Modeling (GEOL 4130/7130)

Hydrogeologic Processes (GEOL 8240)

Fluid Inclusions (GEOL 8250)

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